Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Now on Pinterest

An example of some religious curriculum:
Moon phases using Oreos!
As I gather ideas for not only for making my life better (DIY and sustainability tips) but also for writing a book (on educating pagan children in a homeschool or unschooling setting), I needed a place to store all of these resources and ideas. One of the tools that I am using for this is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? It is a new social networking site for the visually minded. Think of it as digital cork boards on whatever topics you choose (your interests) and then you pin the items to your board (hence the name "Pinterest"). You pin a picture that links to a site or article. You can also pin just a photo and write a description under it. I have been pinning items on the following boards of my own creation:

Homeschooling Resources (Printables, articles, tips, curriculum and units)
Religious Curriculum (Articles, images on all religions that I find are good for kids)
Witchcraft (Articles and images that evoke what I mean by Witchcraft)
Witchcraft DIY (Great ways to make things for Craft purposes!)
DIY for the Kids
DIY Inside (Home improvement)
DIY Outside (Home improvement)
DIY Toiletries and Home Care (Recipes for toiletries, cleaners, etc.)
DIY Apparel and Accessories (Sewing, knitting, crochet and more)
Tricks and Tips (Amazing shortcuts and ways of doing things I must remember!)
Building Community (Very important and as I find things to help do that, they go here.)
New Family Traditions (Things Rowan & I can remember fondly and look forward to)
Recipes to Try
Embroidery (I love to embroider, and these are potential projects)
Kitchy Witchy (I have a sentimental place for "witchy" things made by muggles.)
DIY Craft (All kinds of fun projects!)

Pinterest is new, so I expect that they will roll out new features to help people organize their boards better soon. In the meantime, I am happily pinning things I plan to use and be inspired by in creating my book, my son's education, and my new home!

I have added a new button here on the blog for folks to follow me on Pinterest if they so choose. Look to the right to check it out!

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