Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

So this is my partner's second Father's Day, and this year is really the first year that we started celebrating Mother's or Father's day. Last year, Mother's Day came and went with me left alone with a wee babe and no fanfare. So this year, as Mother's Day approached, I said pointedly, "Last year's Mother's Day kinda sucked. This year is going to be better, right?" To which my bewildered partner said, "Um, sure?" He was surprised by my insistence that we celebrate a "greeting card holiday".

I left it up to him to decide how Mother's Day would be celebrated, and we ended up going to a restaurant and having brunch (something we could hardly afford at the time, but I appreciated nevertheless).

The important thing was that we celebrated it as a family, which is what I wanted. After that build up around my special day, I couldn't very well ignore his, now could I?! No, I could not. That would be hypocritical and rude.

Plus, I really wanted to commemorate what a great dad he is. In the future, when Rowan is bigger, I think I am going to encourage Rowan to celebrate us on these days with artwork or song or whatever strikes his fancy.

So what is a broke family to do to celebrate the role of a key family member? Well, I sorted through our photos of the last year and a half and found some great ones of him and Rowan together. I created a special powerpoint presentation- kind of like an extended greeting card or a digital scrapbook!

This year's Father's Day is also the day that we are celebrating the Midsummer sabbat, so I gave my partner his Fathers Day gift early (so this is not a spoiler!).

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