Monday, June 13, 2011

Things Worth Reading

Charlie Glickman writes about gender. (Everyone is writing about it these days, and for this I am glad!)

A great post on Patheos about how the Founding Fathers, as they truly were, would not get the Tea Party and evangelical vote. Similarly, great post from Crow, a new blog I discovered through the Circle of Moms bloggers of faith contest.

A fantastic blog post from Huffpost about the Top 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases. Spread this one around, folks!

Teens, writing in their own words, about what healthy sexual development looks like (on one of the best websites for teens!)

Interesting culture in the Amazon that does not use linear time. Likewise, a father here in the US talks about the passage of time and how it changes when you are a parent.

Today I saw three cops harassing a homeless man in Berkeley. Just for existing and being where they did not want him to be seen. They talked about giving him a citation- for simply being there. I was there, as was Rowan and my partner. Why would we not be cited for being there? Because we do not look poor. Here is a recent article with yet another instance of the wealthy criminalizing poverty and associating it with decay.

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