Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting Religious News

So the world of religion has never been so busy or fascinating, to my mind. There is so much going on it is hard to report it all (so I don't try)!

The Catholic movement to ordain women continues in full swing, despite the new(ish) conservative backswing that came with Ratzinger becoming Pope Benedict.

(Mostly Christian) seminaries now realize their bad and are now rushing to add interfaith relations into the curriculum. (I can just imagine the old guard saying, "What, you mean we have to live in the world with all those 'other people'?")

The Supreme court of India decides marriages of Hindus to non-Hindus aren't legal. Sigh.

Rather than reaching out to Witches and African practitioners, social services in Britain reaches out to Christians as "more legitimate" in handling "witchcraft abuses". Another sigh. In similar news, another set of attacks on people "practicing witchcraft".

Psychics are real, science says! 

I came across this amazing open letter to transgender pagans. Not news, just awesome and should be spread.

A lovely essay on doing less spiritually, and opening up to simply Be-ing.

"In Chile they managed to have the 31st of October declared a public holiday "to devote it to prayer to the One True God and so preserve it from satanic practices". What they have done in effect is to give all neo-Pagans a free day from mundane work, to celebrate Samhain ;-) For which we duly thanked them in the national media, but not one letter was published." - Andrea Salgado Reyes, on FB

 Great new report is published on women of faith involved in peacemaking around the world.

 Witches of different traditions doing herbalism in NYC. Witchcraft trads from everywhere are being more mainstreamed with news outlets like the NY Times covering everyday witchcraft, like healing.

A great columnist here in SF hits the mark again. He talks of keeping the faith and hope alive in times like these.

Someone that I go to school with wrote a great article: 5 Myths Atheists believe about religion.

Pagan Coming Out Day of sorts, in Australia.

And now for the videos:

A Lakota woman talks about giants:

Hopi people send a love letter to the people of Japan:

Lakota woman talks about Bigfoot:

Two videos on Two Spirit people, one here, the other here:

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