Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's (Kinda) Here!*

Creepy Teletubbies sun baby!
And with that magical season, comes some of my favorite activities to teach kids about the Craft! Being in the out-of-doors is quite simply the best way to get kids understanding what our way of life is all about.

So this summer, Rowan and I are doing lots of beach time (the ocean has lots to teach), lake time (watching how the animals interact and live with one another is fascinating), park time, and creek time. I got him fun buckets and shovels to build castles and whatever else strikes his fancy.

We will be visiting farmer's markets and learning about food and where it comes from (which is my preamble to one day having a sustainable plot of our own- sigh). We will be feeling the sun on our skin and seeing all the birds and learning their names. Rowan will be learning to ask before ripping off a leaf or flower (he sees something shiny or pretty and he grabs it- not exactly the most polite baby in the world!) and leaving an offering when the answer is yes. Yesterday, mama had to leave a spit offering when he violently and suddenly ripped off a flower that did not consent.

Temescal Farmer's Market is awesome and has live music
and a creek to play in!
Rowan has been collecting things in his travels for his seasonal altar- mostly rocks. That boy is drawn to rocks, I tell you! I would be interested in looking at his different astrology charts- because even though he is an air sign, he shows a keen pull towards the earthy stuff- dirt, rocks, trees. He always has. (Although he also loves the wind in his face, blowing his hair around and adores all water, too.) When we were at the marina the other day, he loved having mama or daddy kerplunk rocks into the water and then watch the ripples. I had to stop him from leaping into the bonfire at Wolf Creek- he is at one with all the elements!

What is your family doing this summer? Does it have a spiritual component?

*I said "kinda" because in our part of the world, as with so any others, the weather here has been unseasonable and weird. The other day, I heard a commercial on the radio complain, "The saying is supposed to be April showers bring May flowers, NOT June showers ruin your weekend!" I concur. I know that it is human malfeasance that has disrupted much of our weather, so complaining won't fix the actual problem...


  1. Tristan is an air sign, too, but loves picking up rocks. He has a collection already. When he was tiny and having one of those Crying Nights the only thing that worked was to take him out and walk under the trees.

  2. What a lovely thing to do- night-time walks, getting out into the air to soothe a fussy baby.


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