Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let Us Give Thanks

"Nothing on earth is more beautifully, wildly extravagant than a sunset. Gold, silver, all the jewels of the rainbow are broadcast for the world to enjoy for a moment before they are lost forever in an ocean of night. Sunsets are just one phase of Nature's extravagant habits. She thinks nothing of planting a million seeds in order that one may germinate and grow. She buries riches deep in our mountains where they may or may not be found. Always she is wasteful. And yet we humans are taught that it is sinful to be extravagant. We decide to be prudently thrifty when a bit of whole-hearted extravagance would do worlds for ourselves and others. The offering of whatever gifts are within our power- hospitality, service, sacrifice, love or material- is to be encouraged. Generous giving begets real gratitude, and gratitude goes hand in hand with joy. For a thrill this Thanksgiving season, try Natire's way. Be extravagant! Give gratitude! Give yourself!" - Genevieve Callahan


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