Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Ask Me Anything is a way to ask me about anything that you would like to know from me. If your questions is one that would inform others, I may even write a blog post and publish the answer to your question! But even if I don't answer them on the blog, I answer them on the application itself. Examples:

Hi, I came across to your blog today and I'm hoping you can help me. For the past year me and my husband have been victims of black magic curses from my mother in law, we have experience terrible things and I don't know what else to do. Please help.

There are ways to remove any curses, you just need a little bit of help. I would contact Lucky Mojo and see if there is a hoodoo practitioner in your area that can assist you in person. They have trained folks around the world and have a directory of root doctors who can help.

Where did the faeries put my Green Man earrings? They've been missing all summer (the earrings, not the faeries).

Sounds like they have taken them hostage. You haven't been ignoring their offerings, have you? I find a little Bailey's Irish Cream goes a long way...

Witch Mom Forums are a way for the folks who read this blog to get more interactive: about paganism, religion and spirituality, parenting, witchcraft, and more! Visit, register, introduce yourself, and start meeting others today!

We are talking about all sorts of great topics: teaching children about the sabbats, Halloween vs. Samhain, current events that affect pagans, and much more!

Chip In for co-op childcare at PantheaCon! PantheaCon is the largest pagan conference in the United States, but there is NO childcare available there. This Witch Mom hopes to solve that problem by organizing a volunteer, co-op model of childcare- but there are still costs associated with it: paying for the hotel suite, buying healthy snacks for the kids, and the cost of supplies. If you support childcare at pagan events, chip in!

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