Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...

In this new semi-feature, I share with you things that I have read online lately that are thought provoking and worth a share. Some of these items I link to on my FB pages (either witch Mom or my personal one), some I have not.

Womanist Musings on how the Christian right gets it all wrong when it comes to trans folks.

Thalia Took, one of my favorite pagan illustrators, shows us The Cailleach. (This is not recent, but I recently stumbled across it looking for depictions of winter Gods.)

Anne over at The Gods Are Bored gets pissed, with good reason.

Awesome Stephen Hawking quote on You, Me, and Religion (a blog that you should know about, in case you didn't).

There are some amazing opinions at The Witch Mom forums, particularly on this thread. Join us and join in the chit chat!

Why is Cthulhu depicted on this 300 year old gravestone? (Fun to think about!)

There is no shortcut to spiritual development. (hear that, New Agers? You can't buy it or take an immersion workshop that will advance you to the next level!)

How birds navigate the globe (I love birds, this list wouldn't really be complete without me geeking out on birds).

What have you read lately? Feel free to post links in the comments, or make a new thread at the Witch Mom forums!

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